Our Story in the Kitchen Lezzet Arası Mutfak

Every part of the world is full of different dishes, different culinary cultures.

But the rule for making delicious food is the same everywhere: Choosing the right ingredients.

For a delicious meal;

You must find the freshest greens.

You must learn which is the best part of the meat.

Eggs, flour, milk, tomato paste...

You must know which ingredients are needed for a dish and where to find the freshest and best quality ingredients.

Picking fresh
ingredients is not enough.

Under what conditions should they be stored to keep them fresh?

You must be able to answer this question correctly.

Once you know all this, you should be able to leave the food in the hands of the masters.

You must be able to work with experienced chefs and be sure of the hygiene of the kitchen.

At Lezzet Arası Mutfak, we have all these skills.

Ten different brands and hundreds of delicious dishes in a single restaurant…

Right at your address, with Lezzet Arası Mutfak assurance.

Enjoy your meal.

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Lezzet Arası Mutfak, the kitchen of the future, offers you various career opportunities in Turkey or in different countries in line with your skills.

We prepare development programs for all our teammates according to their competencies and personal skills, and reward them by supporting their talents with our career and performance systems.

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Plaza Cevizli Mahallesi Tugay Yolu Caddesi
No: 67 Blok: B 34846
Maltepe / İSTANBUL

    We prepare our hamburger, one of the luxurious and gourmet options of street flavors, with juicy, plump and fresh meatballs.

We produce the bread for our hamburgers ourselves using French bread art techniques.

We prepare our sauces with our special recipes and have the flavor harmony tested by chefs. We also have alternative menus for those who exercise and want to eat healthy.

    In our magnificent bowls, we enable you to combine many different flavors in a single bowl.

We adjust our portions by aiming for both health and satisfaction.

We serve our salads and sandwiches fresh.

    From four-cheese to smoked, meat or vegan varieties.... With dozens of different pizza varieties, Pizza Poli is just for you. Fresh ingredients are brought together for you by skillful hands in completely hygienic kitchens. Many delicious pizzas are offered to your liking.

    Croissants, pastries, profiteroles, eclairs, milk desserts, openings, pastries, bagels.... L'atellier is waiting for your orders with countless flavors. With flavors prepared for you by skillful hands under hygienic conditions, L'atellier is the only brand in your mind when it comes to patisserie products.

    We prepare our pilaf, which is an indispensable accompaniment of every meal, with great care and offer it to your appetite. We want you to try our various quality pilaf recipes such as Pilaf-Poke, which you have never tasted before.

    We serve the fish you want, fresh and using the cooking technique of your choice. To enrich your table, we have delicious salads, olive oil dishes and appetizers on our menu.

     We use only chicken tenderloin to prepare our chicken sauté. We produce our sauces fresh and special. Our menu includes chicken with sauce and coated crispy chicken alternatives.

    Our meat pasties are rolled out in the most natural and local way, by the expert ladies, from hand-kukme dough. They are stuffed with minced meat with very high quality standards.

We prepare pasta, which is indispensable for Italian cuisine, meticulously and in accordance with high flavor standards.

Our noodles bring Asian cuisine, which has a unique flavor, to your home.

    From Miso Soup to edemama and sake nigiri.... Meet the name that will come to mind when you think of the Far East with dozens of varieties: Sushi Four. Sushi Four is waiting for your orders with its dishes produced by skillful hands under hygienic conditions according to your taste.

    Traditional flavors of years are reshaped in Hasan Usta's kitchen.... From grilled meatballs to Tekirdağ meatballs, from meatballs with cheddar sauce to vegan meatballs, popular flavors are waiting for you.

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